loveland roasts

Subject to availability.
£15 per head and a minimum of 2 people

We use Loveland Farm’s own home reared lamb and pork that we’ve put a lot of love into, which adds to the quality of our meat and allows our guests to see where their food is coming from. This is important to us as everything is so readily available in our busy lives, we forget about where our food comes from and we want to educate and inspire our guests to support local produce and suppliers.

Our Lamb chops and pork joints are slow roasted in the oven, with herbs from the poly tunnel. Simple, back to basic cooking which brings out the beautiful flavours of our home reared meats.
These served with roasted veg from our polytunnel and other local suppliers.

Email us at contact@lovelandfarmcamping or let us know when you arrive, we need at least 12hours to prepare the food.